St. Louis Area E. Coli Outbreak Leaves 27 Sickened – Source Still Unknown

In recent weeks, E. Coli related illnesses have grown in the St. Louis and surrounding areas, although the source of the outbreak is still undetermined.  To date, 27 people have become ill after contracting E. Coli, a group of bacterial strains found in the intestines and related to contaminated foods.

Although the source is not known at this time, St. Louis County Health Departments spokesman John Shelton said recently that it appears to be a virulent strain.  In 9 days, the number of illnesses related to the E. Coli outbreak rose from 22 to 27.  E. Coli is generally spread through unpastuerized milk, consuming tainted foods or contaminated water, or by coming in contact with feces of infected individuals.

On October 31st, Schnucks stores made a voluntary decision to remove certain items from their salad bars after some individuals who became ill reported that they had eaten from the bars.  Schnucks has not been named as a source of the E. Coli, but their food safety department is taking every possible precaution to ensure the safety of consumers.  So far, no foods that have been tested in regards to Schnucks stores have been found to be positive for E. Coli.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is proactively investigating the cause of the outbreak; the agency is leading a team of local, state and federal health experts in the investigation, which involves environmental sampling, interviews with those that have reported illness, and laboratory analysis.

Luckily, no one has developed complications from their illness thus far.  Hopefully the source of the E. Coli bacteria will be revealed soon.

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