If You’ve Been the Victim of Food Poisoning, Consider Hiring a New York Food Poisoning Lawyer

If you’ve been made ill by spoiled or improperly processed food, you know that this can be a significantly unpleasant experience. Although most food poisoning cases are relatively mild and relatively easy to recover from, there are some cases where you can become seriously ill, particularly if you belong to a high-risk group.  These groups include very young children, those who are elderly and individuals with a weakened immune system.  In some cases, pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing serious complications from food poisoning.

Food poisoning can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common for manufacturers is that foods are improperly prepared, processed, or distributed. Produce, for example, can easily become contaminated with E coli, salmonella, or shigella. Meat and eggs are also easily contaminated. If food is cooked and then left unrefrigerated for more than a couple of hours, that invites bacteria to grow and can cause illness. If you’re made ill by a manufacturer’s or food handler’s improper handling of food, you may be eligible for damages; hire a New York food poisoning lawyer to represent you in your case for the best outcome possible.

Food preparers and manufacturers are bound by law to follow certain procedures that ensure the food is protected every step of the way so that contamination does not occur. Whether the organization responsible is a restaurant, farm, factory, or other entity, you may have a case for a New York food poisoning lawyer if you’ve been made ill and can pinpoint the source.

Most often, these organizations ignore one or more steps along the continuum that are meant to ensure food stays safe and sanitary. When these procedures are ignored, contamination can occur; whether through bacterial growth or the introduction of viruses, parasites, and other contamination causing the illness, results can be very serious, even resulting in death or permanent injury.

If you’ve been the victim of food poisoning, contact a New York food poisoning lawyer immediately. He or she will review your case at no charge, and then will accept it if it has merit.

To successfully claim food poisoning injuries that result in a jury award or settlement in your favor, you must:

* Prove fault, in that the defendant did something wrong with flat pricing, storage and handling, or preparation.

* Show causation, in that the defendant was responsible for the food’s contamination, and that further, the contamination caused the illness.

* You must also be able to prove damages, which are the losses you, the victim, suffered because you consumed contaminated food.

Your New York Food poisoning lawyer will make sure your case has the relevant facts it needs to be supported in court, and then will help you obtain compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages, medical expenses as a result of the food poisoning lawyer, and perhaps compensation for lasting injury.

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