Potential E. Coli Outbreak In Massachusetts From Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, LLC

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Recent news shows that Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, LLC located in Massachusetts made a notice that over 2,500 pounds of beef is being recalled due to the possibility of E. Coli contamination.  This was just announced by the US Dept of Agriculture food safety & inspection.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts isn’t new to E. Coli outbreaks, back in November, they received some beef from Fairbank farms that was also likely contaminated, resulting in several infections to Massachusetts citizens.

These outbreaks are extremely serious and can results in very negative health affects.

The first step to take if you believe you may be contaminated is to visit your doctor to determine the problem. If you have in fact been contaminated by any food-borne illness, you need treatment immediately.  Seeking legal representation is often times recommended as well.

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